Tree View

The tree view on the left allows the user to navigate between different reports. Sections of the tree can be expanded/collapsed to show/hide networks and/or stations. Clicking on the white arrows will expand the tree while clicking on the black arrows will collapse the tree.
Collapse or Expand the Tree
Click on the arrows to expand/collapse the tree.
In addition the tree view can be hidden to maximize the viewing screen by clicking on the
Hide or Show the Tree
Click on the to hide/show the tree

Summary Views

Currently there are two summary reports: Association Uptime and Network. To view the Association Uptime report, click on the 'All Stations' text in the tree view.
Clicking on 'All Stations'
'All Stations' will open up the Association Uptime report
Alternatively, clicking on the 'Summary Views' menu option will show a list of summary reports.
Summary Views
Summary Views contain a list of summary reports

Network Views

Network View
Default network report showing variables outside of normal thresholds (red) and a station (SDCP) whose radial files are older than 30 days
Network View Transposed
Network report transposed and sorted by variable

Station View


  • All of the plots can be downloaded by clicking on the in the top right of each plot.
  • Both ideal and measured are automatically loaded by default in each plot. To hide/show a particular pattern type, click on the 'Idealized' or 'Measured' text in the legend.
  • To zoom into a plot, single click and hold within the plot and drag the mouse to the end of where you wish to zoom into. To zoom out, click on 'Reset zoom'.
Download plot
Options to download the plot
Zoom plot
Plot zoomed in showing only Idealized pattern type
Start and end date
Start date of 11/7/2022 and end date of 11/14/2022. No more 10 day limitations here.

Radial Coverage

  • Two maps are available, one showing the radial coverage with the most recent file, and the other showing the percent coverage within the last 24 hours. By default ideal and measured are shown if available.
  • To hide/show a pattern type, click on the icon in the top right corner of the map and select the checkbox corresponding to the pattern type.
Radial Coverage
The most recent ideal and measured radial coverages
Percent Coverage
Percent coverage of the last 24 hours for measured radials


Click on 'Bookmark This Page' to create a url that you can use to bookmark your current view. The following is a list of items that can be bookmarked:
Bookmarking your view

Logging in

Clicking the 'Login' text on the menu bar will open the login prompt. If you don't have a login or you need a password reset, write hfrnet.administrators for access.
Login prompt


Users have specific networks that they are allowed to enter and edit outages. Once logged in, click on the 'Add Outage' button near the bottom of the 'All Outages' section, and enter the outage information in the form.
Add outage
Adding an outage
To edit an existing outage, locate the action icons next to the outage to edit. indicates edit, indicates delete.
Outage actions
If the user has access to a network, they will be able to add, edit and delete outages

Site Configuration

The site configuration table displays the information used in generating the total solutions.
Site Config
Ideal beam pattern is used starting on 2020-07-13 16:00.
Users have specific networks that they are allowed to enter configuration data. Once logged in, the user can click the 'Add' or 'Stop' button near the bottom of the 'Site Configuration' section. In each case, the current date/time is used to add or stop the site from contributing to totals. Only the beam pattern and/or the radial minute can be updated.
Add config
Adding a new line in the configuration
Clicking on 'Stop' will put an end date/time to the configuration table. This will prevent the site from contributing to totals solutions, but will still allow radial acquisition to continue.
Stop config
Stopping the site from contributing to totals solutions.


2016-12-31 - Initial release
2017-01-30 - Added date resolved and date start and two export buttons (Excel,pdf) for outages. Increased notes size. Fixed tree not working on mobile.
2017-02-06 - Added csv export button.
2017-03-29 - Added disk usage.
2017-12-15 - Fixed outage table - Incorrect date sorts
2018-11-14 - Fixed metadata not showing latest info between ideal vs measured
2022-11-10 - Added site config information